September 25, 2018

The 11th International Conference Of The International Society For Intellectual History

According to the Romanian Culture Institute (ICR), the 11th international conference of the International Society for Intellectual History (ISIH) will be held on  May 26-28, at the Central University Library of Bucharest (BCU). The conference will gather together 100 scientists from prestigious European and US academic institutions specialising in Early Age Intellectual History, Medieval Intellectual History, Early Modern and Enlightenment Intellectual History, Social History, Cultural History, Political History, Material Culture, Psychology, Psychoanalysis, Evolutionism, Neurosciences, Phenomenology, Aesthetics, and Epistemology. According to the organizers, the Bucharest edition of the ISIH conference aims to address the topic of the interplay of emotions and cognition bearing on historical views of epistemology, logic, psychology, theology, medicine, moral philosophy or aesthetics, on approaches to education and the transmission of knowledge, as well as on the dynamics of intellectual communities.

Source of the news: Ager Pres () Mapping the relationships between competencies, learning resources, and assessments is an important part website there of designing a cbe program

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