September 25, 2018

4 hydropower plants completed by CEZ on Barzava Superioara river

After nearly two years of extensively upgrading the Resita water power plant system on Romania Barzava Superioara river, the project came to a successful end. Due to the investment of EUR 30 million, the four hydropower plants now generate electricity with 20% higher efficiency, thus producing one fifth more electricity from the same amount of water. The installed capacity of the hydropower plant system has thus increased from 18 MW to 22 MW. During the tests conducted in November, the total amount of electricity generated in the system of micro-hydropower plants reached a net value of 1.4 GWh. The entire project entered the preparation phase two years ago, and the actual upgrade work commenced in July 2012. The new technology installed at the four hydropower plants (Grebla, Crăinicel I, Crăinicel II and Breazova) meets high performance criteria and includes turbines, generators, GIS module transformers and automatic water-cleaning equipment. The feeding channels and the 35 kV terrestrial power line, which is used to connect the power plants to the 110 kV distribution system, have also been repaired. pour jeux

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