September 20, 2018

Asian market, a strategic target for Romanian wine producers

The National Employers’ Association of Vine and Wine (PNVV) informs that the Asian market is a strategic target of Romanian wines, special emphasis being laid on the Chinese market, where the growth rate of the wine consumption was about 15 % in 2006-2011, writes AGERPRES. “The People’s Republic of China is today the fifth market in the world in point of volume (17.8 billion hectolitres) and the value of the market is more than one billion dollars. As it is planned that the Chinese market will be the world’s main market in 2016, it is a strategic target of Romanian wines, besides the Asian market in general. In 2012 China became Romania’s first foreign destination for exports, going ahead of Germany,” reads a PNVV release. China’s higher interest in Romanian wines in the past few years was also emphasized during the 16+1 Forum that, on November 26, at the Parliament Palace, brought together Prime Ministers and businessmen from the People’s Republic of China, Romania and other 15 European countries.

Source: Agerpres (read more)

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