September 20, 2018

The suspension of accord with IMF should produce a limited market reaction – Analysts

Economists say that the delay of the first evaluation of the accord with IMF will have limited impact on financial markets for the fact that the understanding is a preventive one and fiscal measures have already been approved and investors expect Romania to observe those engagements.  Experts show that Romania continues to be in accord with international financial institutions which will not allow large deficits and therefore considered the situation as a false crisis. “What we have now is an accord signed by Brussels and Washington. Chances for the first evaluation to be completed are small unless the president signs , which means the first evaluation will be postponed until January. The obvious consequence is the available loan installment which is a preventive one, said Ionut Dumitru, senior economist at Raiffaisen Bank and chairman of the fiscal Council. Dumitru’s opinion is also shared by economist Florin Citu, who considers there are no chances to interrupt the accord with IMF. Uni Credit analysts consider that Romania’s stand-by accord is not threatened by political differences which set up a “false crisis”. The situation could get worse is politicians continue the confrontation affecting the country’s image.

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