September 21, 2018

Romania, economic growth potential of 4-5 % until 2020 – Negritoiu

ING Bank President Misu Negritoiu stated at the Romania Financial Forum, that Romania has registered an exceptional performance this year, higher than that of regional states, having the premises of an annual economic growth rate of 4-5 % until 2020, with an interbank market interest rate of around 5 %, a stable inflation rate and an exchange rate of RON 3.5/EUR. The ING Bank President explained this optimistic forecast through several factors, including a stable disinflationary process that will continue in the next three to five years, an economic growth of 2.5 % this year, highest level in the region considering that Hungary, Poland and Bulgaria registered a growth of approximately 1 %. He also forecasts a rise in salaries, in the income available for consumption in the private and public sector, from a drop of 1 % in 2013 to a rise of 1.4 – 1.5 % next year.

Source: Nine o’clock (read more)

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