September 25, 2018

Most outsourced services – IT and payroll activities

According to a press release of consultancy Accace Co, IT activity and payroll services are the most outsourced services by the local companies. They are followed by accounting, customer support and acquisitions. In the past five years, outsourcing accounting activities registered a considerable advance locally and, through a continuing computerization of these processes, the number of companies that choose to appeal to specialized providers will increase more and more in the upcoming period. The main reason why the companies are turning to this business model in the case of payroll the priority is to secure data confidentiality, while in the IT sector is to reduce costs. Accounting activities are outsourced because that provides an increase in efficiency of the internal processes, of the flexibility of services provided, but also of a scalability of the level of development of the companies.
Source: Actmedia (read more)

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