September 18, 2018

Romania employment rate at 60%; unemployment incredibly stable

Alberto Leyton, task team manager with World Bank stated on Friday in Bucharest Forum that Romania has an employment rate of 60%, one of the lowest in Europe, recording a rate of unemployment incredibly stable, both during the boom period, and the crisis. Alberto Leyton presented the results of a study of the World Bank (BM) which showed that Romania has two problems: the low employment rate and the ability of Romanian workers. According to the WB representative, Romania has one of the smallest rate of employment in Europe, of 60%, but, at the same time, they had an unemployment rate ‘incredibly stable’, both during the crisis and during the period of economic growth. ‘A problem is the fact that, during the boom, the costs with work increased, but not the productivity’ Leyton said.

Source: Actmedia (read more)

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