September 25, 2018

“Think where you should think from”

One of the main praises of the entrepreneurs is the ‘thinking outside the box’ quality.  Yesterday, going through the net, I stumbled upon this business blog, and the opinion of Michael Conrad, President, Berlin School of Creative Leadership

“Out of the box thinking is being overestimated and marketers should look first inside their boxes to see what inherited brand properties can be exploited before jumping out of the box to explore foreign attributes for their brands.

I would say, if you do not have a (differentiating, competitive) box, out of the box thinking makes a lot of sense. Thinking within a (differentiating, competitive) box usually shows endless space and keeps heritage and integrity in place.

Just think about it!”

My experience so far has been that any successful outside-of-the-box thinking idea  has been backed by a very thorough understanding of the inside-of-the-box.

What do you say?  What has been working for you so far? I would love to hear from you.

Have a happy, prosperous autumn.

Daniela Kammrath

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