September 20, 2018

Shah Deniz final decision on TAP pipeline choice will be made public on June 28

On Wednesday the Department of Energy of the Ministry of Economy announced that the final decision of the consortium exploiting the natural gas field Shah Deniz will be made public on June 28, according to the timetable agreed in the selection process of an export route to Europe. The Austrian oil group OMV informed, on Wednesday, that West Nabucco gas pipeline project was not selected by Shah Deniz II consortium for supply of gas from Azerbaijan. Nabucco West project, in which Romania was a participant, through the state owned Transgaz, lost the competition for the natural gas from Azerbaijan with the competing project Transadriatic Pipeline (TAP). According to the Department of Energy, Nabucco company submitted a sound bid commercially, also relevant from political and strategic standpoint for all the countries involved. Currently, the Romanian authorities have an ongoing comprehensive analysis of the energy situation at national and regional level, based on various scenarios for the development of the Southern Gas Corridor. It also takes into account the perspectives of both internal gas resources and Romania’s connection to the regional gas market.

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