September 21, 2018

Carrefour Romania private label goods end up in Italian stores

Vlad Ardeleanu, Commercial Director Carrefour Romania, said at a press conference yesterday that Carrefour Romania private label goods could end up on the shelves of the hypermarkets operated by the French retailer in Italy, given the very large number of Romanians based in Italy and who regularly shop with Carrefour. A similar project is also intended for Spain. The Carrefour Romania private label product portfolio currently includes roughly 1,400 items and represents about 13 % of the retailer’s sales. According to Monica Coliu, Private Label Director Carrefour Romania, the retailer develops 100 new own label goods every year and over 90 % of the food products are made in Romania. “Carrefour Romania private label goods are 20 % cheaper than known brands, because their price does not include marketing and advertising costs, while the quality is the same” Coliu added.

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