September 25, 2018

Former US ambassador Mark Gitenstein to sit on FP board

Former US ambassador in Romania, Mark Gitenstein has been sworn in as a member of the board of nominees of the EUR 3.5 billion Property Fund (FP) with a whopping 99 % majority of the votes cast during last week’s shareholders’ meeting. The day prior to the shareholders’ vote, Gitenstein became interim board member following the resignation of Cristian Busu, a former counselor of ex-PM Emil Boc. Sorin Mindrutescu, CEO of Oracle Romania, got a fresh three-year mandate on the same board. In December, Gitenstein, a lawyer by profession, completed his mandate of more than three years as chief of mission at the US Embassy in Bucharest. He was proposed by FP shareholder Emerging Markets Country Fund as board member.

Source: Business-Review (read more)

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