September 19, 2018

The Government established the National Office for Gambling

The government’s press office informed that the National Office for Gambling was set up under a Government Urgency Ordinance. The Ministry of Public Finance proposed the establishment of the office, which is competent for approving the right for the organization, operation, monitoring, surveillance and control of gambling activities.  According to the draft Urgency Ordinance, the office will have legal personality, will report to the Government of Romania and will have assets and a budget of its own, financed from the state budget through the budget of the Government’s Secretariat general and the special destination incentive fund. The office will be managed by a Supervisory Committee consisting of nine members, including two executives and seven non-executives, appointed by decision of the Prime Minister. The new body will have a maximum of 200 positions, a number that can be subsequently changed under observance of the total number of positions assigned to the Government’s Secretariat general.
Source: Agerpres (read more)

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