September 19, 2018

CSAT: Romania will buy multirole airplanes

The Supreme Defense Council (CSAT) decided Thursday that Romania will buy multirole airplanes. The members of CSAT also ruled that, in the next meeting, the government will present a multiannual program of restoring the fighting capacity of the armed forces. “The CSAT analyzed the situation of the Romanian Army, its capacity of fight during peace time and war. The members of the CSAT concluded that the Romanian Army has limited capacity to fulfill its missions and decided that, in the next meeting of the Council, the government of Romania will present a multiannual program aimed at restoring its fighting capacity,” reads a press release issued by the Presidency. The minister of National Defense, Corneliu Dobritoiu presented the approaches made in view of initiating the program ‘Multirole Airplane of the Air Forces’ and CSAT approved the ‘Concept of gradual achievement of the air defense capacity’ within the aforementioned program.
Source: Bucharest Herald (read more)

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