September 21, 2018

One third of Romania’s FDI in processing industry

The biggest FDI that entered Romania by the end of 2011 went into the processing industry in a share of 31.5 % out of a total of EUR 55.13 bn. The second most important sector attracting FDI was financial brokerage and insurance – 18.2 % and the third was trade – 11.4 %.  According to National Bank (BNR) data, the processing industry attracted total FDI worth EUR 17.37 bn, financial brokerage activities and insurance – EUR 10 bn and trade – EUR 6.28 bn. Those industries were followed by construction and real estate transactions – 10.7 %, EUR 5.89 bn, and IT &C – 5.4 %, EUR 2.96 bn.

Source: Nine o’clock (read more)

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