September 18, 2018

2012 harvest below that reported in 2011 – Romania’s agriculture minister

Agriculture minister Daniel Constantin said this Friday that Romanian farmers will harvest this year 2.6 tons of wheat per hectare compared to 3.5 tons last year. He added that this year’s wheat production will amount to 4.7 million tons, down 15 % from 5.7 million tons in 2011. Data from the National Institute of Statistics shows that last year’s wheat production totaled 7.1 million tons which means a 33 % decrease of this year’s harvest. However, Laurentiu Baciu, president of the Romanian Agricultural Producers’ League (LAPAR) said this week that the drought has caused local farmers severe losses and the situation calls for the declaration of the state of emergency which would also require stopping all exports. In his opinion over 80 % of the corn production could be compromised and the sunflower production is 50 % lower. He added that wheat production too, was reduced to only half of last year’s harvest while prices have doubled.

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