September 23, 2018

First railway hotel in Romania

The forest railway station in Viseul de Sud witnessed the inauguration of the first stationary hotel train in the country, which consists of two first class sleeping cars and a restaurant car. The cars were made in the 1970s in the former Democratic Republic of Germany and were brought to Maramures from Bratislava two years ago. The train is completed by a steam engine made in the 1950s at the Resita Factory, says Romania Actualitati. The train was stopped for good at Viseul de Sus in Maramures, the starting station for the Mocanita train to Valea Vaserului. Tourists can find accommodation in sleeping cars for smaller prices than at the boarding houses in the area. From the train station, they can take another train: the famous Mocanita, according to a report by turismistoric. The project is aimed to increase the number of tourists in the area both from the country and from abroad. 

Source: Bucharest Herald (read more)

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