September 21, 2018

The number of Romanian companies registered in Bulgaria grew 50% in 2011

Bulgaria’s National Revenue Agency has revealed that the number of fully Greek-owned companies in Bulgaria increased by 72% in 2011 compared to the previous year. The same year saw a 50% increase in the number of Romanian companies in the country. The number of Romanian companies increased from 272 to 401. The largest number of Romanian companies is registered in the Danube city of Ruse, which is only 60 km south of Bucharest – a total of 169. Another 121 Romanian firms are based in Sofia, and 21 are based in the Black Sea city of Varna. Officials of the Bulgarian National Revenue Agency, the growing number of businesses from Romania and Greece to Bulgaria is primarily due to the country’s low taxes and stable economy.

Source: Bucharest Herald (read more)

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