September 20, 2018

Part of Unirii Blvd becomes pedestrian this year

General Mayor Sorin Oprescu said on Tuesday that the Unirii Boulevard, more specifically the segment between Unirii Square and Constitution Square, will become a promenade area. The project will be implemented this year together with the widening of the Hasdeu Bridge and repair works on Dambovita River course. In more words, Bucharest City Hall wants to move the Unirii Blvd from the center to the edges. Thus, the central area, with the fountains, which is currently for car traffic, will become a pedestrian one, and the cars will go on the sides, where the sidewalk is currently located. Later on, the City Hall will turn the Constitution Square into an area for events and shows. And underground parking lot will also be built under the square.

Source: Bucharest Herald (read more)

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