September 25, 2018

Cristian Diaconescu wants to increase the presence of Asian investors in Romanian economy

Cristian Diaconescu, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, had a meeting with the heads of diplomatic missions accredited to Bucharest, forming the Asian Group. On the occasion, he expressed the wish to see the political dialogue backed by common strategic objectives, mutually beneficial, aimed at relaunching of the commercial exchanges and an enhanced presence of Asian investors in the Romanian economy. In discussions with the ambassadors of China, Philippines, India, Indonesia, Iran, Japan, Pakistan, the Republic of Korea, Thailand, Turkey, Vietnam, current international issues were also addressed, with emphasis on recent results of the Nuclear Security Summit, held in Seoul, regional issues and Romania’s commitment to promote the EU – Asia dialogue, within the Asia-Europe Meeting dialogue mechanisms (ASEM) and the EU-ASEAN.

Source: AgerPres (read more)

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