September 20, 2018

By selling Cupru Min we want to keep the jobs – Lucian Bode

Even if the chief of the Office for State Interests and Industrial Privatization (OPSPI) made statements that lead to the conclusion that the buyer of the Cupru Min Company has no obligation towards the company, the minister of Economy, Lucian Bode claims precisely the opposite, reads the Bursa newspaper. According to the minister, every action that the Ministry will make through OPSPI regarding the privatisation of Cupru Min will be aimed at preserving the jobs (there are currently 490 employees) and developing the company. “Technology investments are a must, because the equipment is old. When the 10-day interval dedicated to solving litigations is over, we want to talk with the buyer on these issues,” Bode explained. “Copper cannot be harvested like clover,” the minister said. “In order to obtain the product, high investments are needed. If we want to obtain EUR 5 bln from that natural deposit, we might have to invest EUR 4.9 bln,” he added.

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