September 24, 2018

EU Fiscal Stability Treaty to be signed

Yesterday, the Cabinet gave the green light to the signing of the EU Fiscal Stability Treaty. The document sets new regulations concerning budgetary discipline, limiting deficit and public debt and will be signed by the president Traian Basescu, the spokesman for the Executive Dan Suciu stated, at the end of the Cabinet meeting. “Following negotiations, Romania secured the permission that non-eurozone states attend joint meetings of the signatory states, under certain conditions. This was an endeavour that Romania was very keen on, in order to be consulted and involved in the process at all times,” Suciu added. He further stated that the target of EUR 2bln-revenue which should be collected out of efforts to counteract tax evasion was based on PM Ungureanu’s evaluation and had been set taking into consideration the scale of the tax evasion phenomenon in Romania.

Source: Nine o’clock (read more)

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