September 24, 2018

Amos Oz: Books, history and the present conference @ Athenaeum

People who participated in the Amos Oz conference at the Romanian Athenaeum included, alongside the Israeli ambassador in Bucharest, Dan Ben Elizer , the chairman of the Federation of Jewish Communities in Romania, Aurel Vainer, and representatives of the cultural and diplomatic community in Bucharest. Dan Ben Elizer introduced the exceptional Israeli writer with words of praise. Referring to his acquaintance with Romania and Romanians, as a child in Jerusalem, getting to know “Romanian Jews”, the Israeli writer said the ties between the two countries had been strained at times, but pointed out there were also happy times. As he spoke about his “marriage” with his 12 books, Amos Oz confessed that “you have to make compromises all the time” in such a relationship. “A novel is not built out of ideas, out of characters, but out of words, out of compromises,” the writer argued, revealing that “hundreds of decisions have to be made” in the writing of a novel, that “as is the case during a musical recital, no one pays attention to any individual note, unless it’s sour”. To Amos Oz’s mind, “communism and Nazism have a lot in common”, insofar as both left historical “wounds” behind, and he could only account for some people’s nostalgic attachment to communism in terms of their clinging to an illusion about this system. Amos Oz was also yesterday the Doctor Honoris Causa title by the University of Bucharest in a ceremony at the Faculty of Law.

Source: Nine o’clock () Bei ghost writer film locations house den universitten liegt der schwerpunkt eindeutig mehr im bereich der wissenschaft

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