September 25, 2018

Romanian Athenaeum virtual tours

The ‘George Enescu’ Philharmonic announces that the Romanian Athenaeum (a monument included in the Romanian and UNESCO patrimony) is now open for virtual tours that give access to areas of the building which are not so familiar to the public. The virtual tour is available . The tour features 30 high-resolution images (360 degrees) that can be accessed from the interface, or by clicking the door of the next room. On display are well-known places, like the lobby and the grand hall, as well as areas that are not open to the public, like a panoramic view from the roof of the building, or the attic. The construction of the Romanian Athenaeum started in 1886, with part of the funds being raised via public subscription. The building was inaugurated on 14 February 1888.

Source: Bucharest Herald () It gives you a consistent number of minutes each month to use

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