September 19, 2018

June concerts in Bucharest

Famous international artists Patricia Kaas, Steve Vai and Uriah Heep, and Romanian counterparts including Cristi Minculescu, Nutu Olteanu and the band Taxi, will offer in June some of the most awaited … [Read more...]

EximBank – North Western business community meeting

EximBank wants to be more than a finance resource for the Romanian companies. By changing the strategy and sales approach aims at becoming a decisive factor to the business community success. “The economic … [Read more...]

Carrefour Romania private label goods end up in Italian stores

Vlad Ardeleanu, Commercial Director Carrefour Romania, said at a press conference yesterday that Carrefour Romania private label goods could end up on the shelves of the hypermarkets operated by the French … [Read more...]

Government prolongs Romanian Post privatization deadline

The Government decided to prolong with 180 days the Romanian Post's privatization deadline. The decision came after no potential investor bought the Company's presentation file till May 28. “Given that … [Read more...]

MOL Romania invests in new fuel terminal

Oil and gas company MOL Romania completed the first stage of a fuel terminal in Giurgiu that will require a total investment of EUR 10 million, in a move to optimize its logistics supply chain. The Giurgiu … [Read more...]

Profitability of Romanian companies slumped 97.3 % by June 2012

Nikos Komninos, International Business executive director at ICAP Group, declared during Credit Risk Management Conference organized last week by ICAP Romania and CYCLE European that while the turnover … [Read more...]

Bank interest rates on a downward trend in Romania

These days, bank interest rates are seeing a downward trend in Romania. Meanwhile, crediting is almost blocked. According to bankers, the resumption of individual crediting can be done only after a few … [Read more...]

Virtual museum of telecommunication equipment launched in Romania

ANCOM has opened a virtual museum of electronic equipment communications, according to a report from Radio Romania International. The museum includes images of outdated communications equipment made available … [Read more...]

“Behind the Lines: Lia and Dan Perjovschi”

Friday May 31st, at 18:00, “Anthony Frost” English Bookshop (45 Calea Victoriei) is hosting the launching of the album “Behind the Lines: Lia and Dan Perjovschi” and his most recent “Dan Perjovschi. … [Read more...]

Ethan Hawke gets nostalgic on June 26

The premiere of Before Midnight will take place at Palatul Copiilor, a building that has the power to make a lot of Romanians nostalgic. Built in 19__ hundreds of thousands of Romanian children attended … [Read more...]

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