September 20, 2018

Romania expands income taxation base for non-residents

After the government has changed the Fiscal Code in February to accommodate an expansion of the taxation base, the taxable income obtained by non-residents in Romania now also include services that are … [Read more...]

UniCredit Leasing financing at EUR 275 million in 2012

Financing granted by UniCredit Leasing rose in 2012 by 6 % to EUR 274.7 million, accounting for over 20 % of the new financing volumes in the leasing market. The net consolidated profit of the group’s … [Read more...]

Bagfas Turkish company gets USD 6mln in export orders from Greece, Spain and Romania

Bagfas has announced that an order for 1.5k tons of compound fertilizer and 10.3k tons of DAP fertilizers will be delivered to Greece, Spain and Romania in March via Teotrade, Keytrade and Transamonia. The … [Read more...]

OECD countries average tax and social security increased by 0.1%

According to new data, across OECD countries the average tax and social security burden on employment incomes increased by 0.1 of a % to 35.6 % in 2012.  It increased in 19 out of 34 countries, fell in … [Read more...]

The 95th anniversary of Bessarabia’s Union to Romania – Occasion to pay homage to forerunners

The possibility of Romania getting united again to Bessarabia was examined during the debate titled “March 27, 1918: Union of Bessarabia to Romania, Model for the European Integration of the Republic … [Read more...]

Budgetary situation is dramatic, if we manage to pay salaries and pensions we should be happy – Frunzaverde

Romanian Premier Victor Ponta contradicted Caras-Severin County President Sorin Frunzaverde (PNL), stating that the government has money for salaries and pensions, as well as for the IMF, adding however … [Read more...]

Mugur Isarescu – Romnian Fiscal regime doesn’t support economic recovery

BNR governor Mugur Isarescu said during a meeting held at ASE, that the fiscal policy does not support the economic recovery, nor can the monetary policy have a higher contribution to the recovery of the … [Read more...]

RADET and ELCEN merge

The government approved by memorandum the merger of the energy companies Regia Autonoma de Distributie a Energiei Termice (RADET) and Electrocentrale Bucuresti (ELCEN). Thus, the production and distribution … [Read more...]

Sea vessel making international trips to navigate under Romanian flag

For the first time in ten years a sea-going vessel making international trips, owned by a foreign ship-owner, will be able to navigate under Romanian flag, according to media reports.  According to a … [Read more...]

Romanian exports of corn and wheat up 18 % y-o-y

According to data from the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, Romanian traders and farmers exported close to 4.6 million tons of wheat and corn in 2012, up 18 % y-o-y despite the fact that … [Read more...]

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