July 20, 2018

Many affordable pharmaceutical drugs might be out of market

According to a generic drugs manufacturer’s announcement, hundreds of affordable pharmaceutical drugs might be out of the market due to the clawback tax. The government represented by the Ministry of … [Read more...]

Price drops for housing in large cities in the first half of the year

In the first six months of the year the prices demanded by apartment owners for their property in six largest cities in Romania dropped by up to 4.5%. The drop was steeper in the new real estate segment … [Read more...]

IMF remedy starts to pay off in Romania – Financial Times

A Financial Times blog writes that while eurozone policy makers thrash out the growth versus austerity debate, the evidence from Romania seems to be that the traditional medicine works. The IMF has given … [Read more...]

Vodafone Romania offers double data roaming traffic

The Vodafone Romania mobile phone operator announced in a press communiqué that it started offering twice the amount of data roaming traffic for both physical persons and companies. Thus, all those that … [Read more...]

Hidroelectrica cancelled contract with Euro-P.E.C.

According to Remus Borza, the owner of the Euro Insol company, the judicial administrator of Hidroelectrica, Hidroelectrica cancelled the energy sale contract with Galati-based company Euro-P.E.C. over … [Read more...]

It is official: Day of St. Andrew, declared non-working day

On Tuesday, the Chamber of Deputies passed a draft law which provides that November 30, the celebration of St. Andrew and marking the day when the Romanian people was Christened, be declared a non-working … [Read more...]

The Aegis Ashore Missile Defense project will boost the Romanian construction market – Randy Tharp, Epstein Romania

Randy Tharp Managing director of Epstein Architecture and Engineering stated recently regarding the planned NATO Aegis Ashore Missile Defense Base in Deveselu, Romania that the Aegis Ashore Missile Defense … [Read more...]

Hidroelectrica insolvency “reflects negatively” on Romania’s credit profile – Moody’s

Rating agency Moody’s warns in the weekly credit outlook published by SeeNews that the insolvency of state-owned power generator Hidroelectrica “reflects negatively” on Romania’s credit profile, … [Read more...]

Travel agencies online sales go up by 30 % in first 5 months of 2012

According to a study put together by online payment company PayU, Romanians are more willing to buy tourism services online. Travel agencies increased the number of online transactions by 30 % in the first … [Read more...]

Fifth review of agreement with Romania approved by the IMF

Last Friday, the executive board of the IMF completed the fifth review of the 2-year standby agreement with Romania, making around EUR 520 million ready for disbursement, increasing the total funds available … [Read more...]

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