July 20, 2018

Succes – local retailer – buys four Pic hypermarkets

Four of the insolvent Pic hypermarkets will be taken over by Succes - retail network owned by businessman Nicolae Sarcina from Gorj.  The Pic hypermarkets, which are owned by businessmen Ilie and Cornel … [Read more...]

Budget deficit of 0.56 % of GDP at end-March

According to the operative data the Public Finance Ministry (MFP), the consolidated general budget reported a deficit of 3.4 billion lei (about 779 million euros), namely 0.56 % of GDP, falling in the … [Read more...]

Romanian Premier Ungureanu in meeting with central and eastern European states’ Premiers and Chinese Premier

On Thursday Premier Mihai-Razvan Ungureanu participates in the working meeting in Warsaw of his counterparts of central and eastern European countries with Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao. According to a Government … [Read more...]

Carrefour might exit nine countries to manage bad results

An ING report says that French distribution group Carrefour wants to exit up to nine countries this summer, after a publication by leading French analysts concluded neither new markets, nor new formats … [Read more...]

The Leu / Euro exchange rate insensitive to political turbulence – Adrian Vasilescu

National Bank of Romania governor aide Adrian Vasilescu told a press conference on Wednesday that the leu/Euro exchange rate is usually insensitive to political turbulence such as a no-confidence vote … [Read more...]

Rosia Montana Mining to be revived

Yesterday, after the third edition of the meeting of The Rosia Montana Project Support Group, Future of Mining Trade Union from Rosia Montana launched during the national press conference “An opportunity … [Read more...]

Statistics: The average gross salary reached RON 1,922 in October 2011

A survey of the National Statistics Institute (INS) made each year shows that the average gross salary in October 2011 reached RON 1,719 for the employees that worked 21 days – full time – and the … [Read more...]

Romania is guest of honor at Turin Book Fair

Romania, guest of honor at the Turin Book International Salon, May 10-14, will come with many books translated in Italian, numerous guest writers, as well as theatrical and musical performances, a photograph … [Read more...]

FLASH: It’s Really True: We Are All, In The End, Not Only Victims Of Our Own Device But, Also, Creators Of Our Own Demise – Part I

For each of the past six years I have bought an annual subscription from RomTeleCom that allowed me an unlimited amount of minutes of calling to America.  I did this to partially expiate my guilt from … [Read more...]

The CEVA supply chain company opens office in Romania

CEVA Logistics is a supply chain company which opened an office in Bucharest in a move to strengthen its freight management platform in Eastern Europe. With this new office, CEVA will provide services … [Read more...]

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