September 24, 2018

Cristian Diaconescu in Foreign Affairs and General Affairs Councils in Brussels

On Monday and Tuesday, Romanian Foreign Affairs Minister Cristian Diaconescu will participate in the meetings of the Foreign Affairs and General Affairs Councils, taking place in Brussels. The debates … [Read more...]

Gas prices in Romania up 4.2%

According to a press release on Friday from Andreea Paul, state adviser with the prime minister, gasoline prices grew in Romania by 4.2% between January 12 and February 24, while the average price dropped … [Read more...]

Market factors to sell more expensive, making a lot of noise – Adrian Vasilescu

BNR governor’s aide Adrian Vasilescu said that recent price hikes in fuel and food are generated by “market factors that want to sell more expensive,” but the prices will be adjusted the following … [Read more...]

Raiffeisen Bank Romania Executive as state secretary

Executive director Treasury and Arbitrage, Raiffeisen Bank, Cristian Sporis was named state secretary at the Ministry of Public Finance, a post previously held by current Finance Minister Bogdan Dragoi. … [Read more...]

Government to borrow more than last year – Moody’s

The Romanian government has a financing need of EUR 17.2 bln this year compared to EUR 17.6 bln last year. Nevertheless, the state will borrow a total of EUR 18 bln in 2012 and will create a reserve of … [Read more...]

Flamenco Festival 3rd edition

The third edition of the festival “Classical Flamenco and the new genres” is to take place from March 3 to 26 in several Bucharest venues. The festival is an event celebrating the tradition and contemporary … [Read more...]

Employment Sought for Professional Personal & Business Driver

A highly professional driver with over fifteen years of experience working in an English speaking, western professional services environment is seeking employment with a suitably reputably individual and/or … [Read more...]

Romtelecom boosts internet and TV segments

According to the financial indicators of Romtelecom’s mother-company OTE, the company’s revenues fell by 8.6 % to EUR 655.1 million in 2011. The company’s EBITDA also dropped by 23 % year-on-year … [Read more...]

Romania will postpone ACTA ratification

Dan Suciu, spokesman of the Romanian government has announced that Romania will delay the ratification of the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA) until the European Court of Justice will make a … [Read more...]

PM Razvan Ungureanu urges medicine acquisition from single source

The Government spokesman, Dan Suciu has announced that Prime Minister Mihai-Razvan Ungureanu requested the making up, within one week, of a centralized list for the purchase of drugs for chronically ill … [Read more...]

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