September 24, 2018

Adrian Nastase sentenced to 2 years in jail. Decision can be contested

The High Court of Justice and Casation sentenced former Prime-Minister Adrian Nastase to 2 years in jail for his involvement in the file The Quality Trophy. The decision can be contested. Adrian Nastase … [Read more...]

Auchan will open two shopping malls in Bucharest

French retailer Auchan has announced that it might open its first local mall this year under the Auchan City brand. The mall will be located in the Giulesti neighborhood on a piece of land purchased from … [Read more...]

Traian Basescu: We back NATO’s open door policy

Romanian President Traian Basescu at Brussels said on Monday during the joint press conference held after the meeting he had with NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmunssen that Romania backs the open … [Read more...]

Twenty Romanian firms will attend the world’s largest organic trade fair – Biofach 2012

Romania will participate with 20 companies at the world's largest organic trade fair Biofach 2012 to be held in Nuremberg, Germany, in the Feb. 15-18 period. The event is supported by the Association of … [Read more...]

Jeffrey Franks: Romania got through the storm and was repaired

On Monday, the head of the IMF mission to Romania, Jeffrey Franks said that Romania is on the right track again but new challenges follow. He said that Romania is like a ship that got through the storm … [Read more...]

Terrible torture devices at Sutu Museum

Starting February 2nd, at the Bucharest History Museum - Sutu Palace will be put on display terrible torture devices used in medieval times, devices like knee cracking devices, the rack, the Spanish donkey … [Read more...]

Romania to build engine for IAR-111 supersonic aircraft

The Romanian Cosmonautics and Aeronautics Association (ARCA) started building an engine for the IAR-111 supersonic aircraft. ARCA chairman Dumitru Popescu stated that they consider this engine the heart … [Read more...]

Johnson Controls will make seats for B-Max model

Yesterday, the US automobile component producer Johnson Controls inaugurated in Craiova a factory that will produce seats to equip the compact B-Max Ford model. They hired approximately 160 employees. … [Read more...]

2012 – the Caragiale year – Postage stamp issue

Yesterday Romanians commemorated 160 years since the birth and 100 years since the death of famous Romanian playwright I.L. Caragiale. Thus, 2012 was decreed the Caragiale Year in Romania and on this occasion, … [Read more...]

My Obama Problem

Okay, let’s be clear from the outset: I love Obama, am just crazy about the guy. I sincerely believe he already has been the best president of my lifetime (and genuinely believe he will be truly transformative … [Read more...]

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