September 21, 2018

Romania Telecom Regulator delays decision on extending GSM licenses for Orange and Vodafone

Romanian Telecom authorities have taken no decision yet regarding the GSM licenses of the two largest telecom operators in Romania, Orange and Vodafone. Their licenses expire  at the end of this month … [Read more...]

22 years since the anti-communist revolution in Romania

These days Romania is commemorating 22 years since the anti-communist Revolution in 1989, event which turned around the country’s contemporary history. Unlike the anti-communist revolution in the neighboring … [Read more...]

ELI Laser Magurele facility gets government financing

On Thursday the government decided to fully include into the budget of the Ministry of Education, Research, Youth and Sports (MECTS) the amounts required for the financing of the "Extreme Light Infrastructure … [Read more...]

E.ON Gas Distribution invested RON 180 M this year

This year E.ON Gas Distribution invested RON 180 M. Virgil Metea, the company’s general manager, stated that the company particularly invested in order to modernize the natural gas grid. About 633 kilometers … [Read more...]

July-September – Unemployment rate stagnated in Romania

The National Statistics Institute (INS) announced yesterday that the unemployment rate of the International Labour Organisation (ILO) stagnated in July-September against the previous quarter, to 7.2 %, … [Read more...]

Owner of British Airways buys BMI from Lufthansa

British Airways owner IAG agreed to binding deal to buy BMI from Lufthansa for £172.5m, but has warned the deal could lead to job losses. IAG, which also owns Spanish airline Iberia, will gain 56 more … [Read more...]

Bad weather to come: Snowfall and blizzards across southern Romania

Weather prediction specialists say that as of Thursday from 2 pm until Friday morning, the southern and south-eastern part of the country will be taken over by heavy snowfall. Heavy snow in the south … [Read more...]

Romanian Athenaeum virtual tours

The ‘George Enescu’ Philharmonic announces that the Romanian Athenaeum (a monument included in the Romanian and UNESCO patrimony) is now open for virtual tours that give access to areas of the building … [Read more...]

Morning News Brief on winter break

Morning News Brief goes on winter break starting December 25 and will resume on the 3rd of January. Thank you for your understanding. We wish you a wonderful Christmas and Happy New Year! Kostenlosen … [Read more...]

Traian Basescu: Romania joining the euro zone will show in an increase in exports

On Wednesday Romanian President Traian Basescu maintained that the euro area was not going to collapse and added that Romania kept its accession target in 2015 and that joining the euro area could increase … [Read more...]

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