September 18, 2018

IMF representative, Jeffrey Franks: uncertain times makes people wonder what country will go down next

The head of the IMF mission to Romania, Jeffrey Franks said at a conference organized by the World Bank in Bucharest that Romania is not perfect, but it must be good enough so that the crisis hits another … [Read more...]

US Ambassador Mark Gitenstein: Romania should liberalize energy market

Yesterday, the US Ambassador to Bucharest Mark Gittenstein stated that Romania will not be able to attract investments in energy unless the market is fully liberalized, and privatization is the only way … [Read more...]

CFR Calatori and CFR Infrastructura debts to receive subsidies from the state

Competition Council President Bogdan Chiritoiu yesterday told a European energy development seminar that the Government will give subsidies to railway passenger and infrastructure operators CFR Calatori … [Read more...]

Oxford historian Roger Griffin on modernism and terrorism

This autumn will be resumed the public conference series “Cultura bate criza” (CuBaCri) at the Central University Library (BCU). Tonight, starting 6.30pm, the “Carol I” Central University Library’s … [Read more...]

AmCham Thanksgiving Day Party

AmCham Romania is pleased to invite members and friends to this year’s Thanksgiving Day dinner party on Sunday, November 27, 2011 beginning with 5.00 pm at the InterContinental Hotel in Bucharest.  … [Read more...]

The speech of His Majesty King Michael I before a joint assembly of the Chambers of the Parliament of Romania, 25 October 2011, 10 a.m.


The speech of His Majesty King Michael I before a joint assembly of the Chambers of the Parliament of Romania, 25 October 2011, 10 a.m. Ladies and Gentlemen of the Senate and Chamber of Deputies, It … [Read more...]

European Parliament: EU states urged to lift Labor market restrictions on Bulgaria and Romania by end-2011

A resolution adopted Tuesday by the European Parliament calling on the Commission to initiate infringement procedures against non-compliant Member States says that all EU member states must allow Romanians … [Read more...]

EC President Barroso: EC supports accession to Schengen Area of Romania

President of the European Commission Jose Manuel Barroso said on Tuesday after meeting Romania's President Traian Basescu in Brussels that the European Commission is reiterating its support for the accession … [Read more...]

BP oil giant reaches “turning point”


The oil giant BP announced a big rise in third-quarter profits and says it has reached a "turning point" for its oil and gas operations and production. For third-quarter profits BP reported $5.14bn, a … [Read more...]

Traian Basescu: Next year’s budget will be extremely prudent

On Monday, Romanian President Traian Basescu declared to the media that the 2012 budget must be prudently created, especially to finance the deficit. Also, he said that definitely pensions will not go … [Read more...]

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