September 24, 2018

Romanian Academy VP: Rosia Montana is seen as a controversial and dangerous project for Romania

On Friday, the Romanian Academy Vice President Ionel Valentin Vlad said that the Academy considers the Rosia Montana gold mining project as being “controversial and dangerous for Romania”. He made … [Read more...]

Sterling Resources reached a deal with Romanian Government

Sterling Resources Ltd. is a Canadian oil and gas explorer operating in Europe. The explorer declares it struck a deal with the Romanian government allowing the company's exploration plans in the Black … [Read more...]

Romania launches sale of its largest copper mine

The Romanian government's industry privatization office (OPSPI) said on its website that Romania launched the sale of its biggest copper mine Cupru Min SA Abrud via a tender. OPSPI set a Jan. 17 deadline … [Read more...]

Romania has huge advantages for successful tourism – Karel Schwarzenberg

The Czech foreign minister, Prince Karel Schwarzenberg, said in an interview to a local newspaper that the Romanian state should not miss the big opportunity of having successful tourism because it has … [Read more...]

IMF Mission Chief, Jeffrey Franks: Inflation is going in a good direction since our last visit

On Sunday the head of the IMF mission in Bucharest said in a statement that inflation going down beyond expectations is the best news since their latest visit in Romania. In the beginning of the meeting … [Read more...]

TIAD – We believe Romania’s got strength and capacity to overcome the crisis

The TIAD –Turkish Businessmen Association in Romania, is an apolitical and non-profit organization set up in 1993 by Turkish investors and it acts like a connecting bridge between its members – Turkish … [Read more...]

BNR Governor Mugur Isarescu: Foreign currency loans for home-buyers are not regulate by imposed restrictions

On Friday, the National Bank of Romania (BNR)’s Board of Administration approved a new set of rules concerning loans to individuals. On This occasion, the BNR governor Mugur Isarescu stated that the … [Read more...]

Part of Apollodorus of Damascus’ Bridge was inaugurated in Drobeta Turnu Severin

Mayor of Drobeta Turnu Severin Constantin Gherghe declared that a new section of the bridge built by famous architect Apollodorus of Damascus, located near the Drobeta Turnu Severin County (western Romania) … [Read more...]

Romania will provide emergency help to Libya and Turkey

The Romanian Government decided to supply Turkey with 100 tents free of charge, as emergency earthquake relief. The tents will be taken out of the national reserves and shipped by the Ministry of Defense. … [Read more...]

China ambassador received high decoration from Romanian President Traian Basescu

On Thursday, Romanian President Traian Basescu bestowed the Star of Romania National Order in rank of Commander to Chinese ambassador in Bucharest Liu Zengwen on the end of his mission to Romania. The … [Read more...]

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