September 20, 2018

Group Expert Consulting 2000 bought by Romania’s CRG Nexia

Group Expert Consulting 2000, accountancy practice, has been bought by CRG Nexia, Romanian member of Nexia International. The resulting company will operate under the CRG Nexia brand and will target the … [Read more...]

Ion Tiriac: The crisis will not end in 2012

The businessman Ion Tiriac believes the crisis is far from being over for Romania. He said he was wrong when he said the crisis would end in 2012. Tiriac explained on Realitatea TV why humankind depends … [Read more...]

Three and four room flats sold at lower prices

Some 56.1 % of the Bucharest offer is represented by three and four room flats and their prices are constantly going down. Where rents are concerned, most people are currently looking to rent two room … [Read more...]

The remake of the car loan, by CEC Bank

Starting on Monday, CEC Bank re-launched the car loan for individual customers, with the following advantages: longer repayment interval – from 5 to 8 years for new vehicles and 6 years for used ones; … [Read more...]

Gas pipeline from Azerbaijan to Europe from BP

The BP – British Petroleum – is planning a pipeline stretching 1,300 km across three countries, including Romania, to bring gas from Azerbaijan to Europe. The scheme is a new entrant in the highly … [Read more...]

Operetta Festival in Bucharest in November

Between November 10 and 20 will take place in Bucharest the “Viata e frumoasa!” festival (Life is Beautiful), according to the organizers, the “Ion Da­cian” National Operetta Theatre. The fourth … [Read more...]

Traian Basescu wants Romanian Government to create more job opportunities through investments

On Monday, Romanian President Traian Basescu underlined that it is important for the Government to launch and attract investments, in order to create jobs. The President expressed this position in the … [Read more...]

First stage of CFR Marfa privatization approved by the Romanian Defense Council

Yesterday, the Romanian Defense Council approved the draft Government Decision which gives the go for the first stage of the privatization of national railway company CFR Marfa. The draft decision is also … [Read more...]

Romania and Moldova mapping their joint future

The Republic of Moldova and Romania are mapping out joint projects for the future. On a visit to Bucharest, the Moldovan Prime Minister gave more details on Chisinau’s vision. In an interview granted … [Read more...]

Gerald Schweighofer – Austrian investor – to invest some EUR 5mln in Romanian grain silo

The Austrian investor Gerald Schweighofer who controls Agraria Nord SRL Botosani, will invest EUR 5mn in a grain silo located in the county of Botosani. The silo is meant to be the largest in the county … [Read more...]

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