September 21, 2018

Traian Basescu on Nokia issue: they are not the only investors who will leave if we hold them back with red tape

Romanian President Traian Basescu said on Thursday after Finnish group Nokia announced that it will close down the factory in Jucu, Cluj County, as part of a cost reduction process that other investors … [Read more...]

Nokia closes Jucu factory

About 2,200 people representing all employees of the Nokia factory in Jucu, were called in for a session with the Nokia Europe management on Thursday. The news they found out left everybody dumbfounded: … [Read more...]

Gheorghe Ialomitianu declares: MFP assesses investment projects worth 356 million euros

Minister of Finance Gheorghe Ialomitianu declared on Thursday that the Ministry of Public Finance (MFP) are assessing at the moment 20 investment projects worth 356 million euros, with the Government aid … [Read more...]

The Visa liberalization, The Nabucco projects, The AGRI and the trans-Caspian gas pipeline

President Traian Basescu said that the main topics of the second summit of the Eastern Partnership, held on Thursday and Friday in Warsaw are the implementation of the Eastern Partnership on the issue … [Read more...]

Draft Act: Romanians Can Drive Cars Registered Abroad Only 90 Days

A draft act amending the law regarding traffic on public roads, now up for debate on the Interior Ministry's website, says Romanian residents may not drive cars registered in other states for periods longer … [Read more...]

Romania gets EUR480M Disbursement from IMF

On Thursday, the International Monetary Fund completed the second review of Romania’s economic performance under a EUR3.5 billion precautionary loan agreement. This enabled the disbursement of a new … [Read more...]

Nabucco recruiting from Romania

The Nabucco Gas Pipeline International GmbH (NIC) is the company that will manage the biggest European project of infrastructure, the Nabucco gas pipeline. These months the company is recruiting staff … [Read more...]

Petrom will not sale 139 petrol stations to NIS

A press communiqué informs that Petrom is not negotiating with the Serbian firm NIS, controlled by Gazprom, to sale of 139 petrol stations. Market sources say Gazprom might enter the Romanian market by … [Read more...]

Algerian contemporary dance show live in Bucharest for the first time

The French Institute and the French Embassy present the first performance of the Algerian Contemporary Ballet company today and tomorrow. “Nya” is the first show of the Contemporary Ballet in Algiers, … [Read more...]

The ‘Daniel Pearl’ International Music Day – “Life on Mars” band at the Jukebox

The US Embassy invites its friends on Friday, October 7th, starting with 20:00 to a two hour concert with the “Life on Mars” band (click here to watch video). The concert is being held during the ‘Daniel … [Read more...]

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