September 23, 2018

PRA Office In Romania

Recently PRA opened a new office in Bucharest, Romania to further strengthen its coverage of the Balkan region’s burgeoning markets. The office in Bucharest will also support projects in the neighboring … [Read more...]

In 2011 Romania Absorbs More EU Funds Than Before

Official data show that after the supervision from the International Monetary Fund (IMF), Romania has improved its capacity this year to obtain and use European funds. Romania's Agriculture Minister said … [Read more...]

Bulgaria’s Third Largest Lender

The of Greek banking groups EFG Eurobank and Alpha Bank would create Bulgaria's third largest lender, overtaking National Bank of Greece-owned United Bulgarian Bank (UBB). Reports by Financial Times and … [Read more...]

Changes To The Fiscal Code To Help Small Firms With Bureaucratic Burden

Gheorghe Ialomitianu, Romanian Finance Minister, said yesterday that the changes planned for the Fiscal Code will support the small firms that are feeling the effects of the financial crisis and will make … [Read more...]

INS Report: Managers Predict Slight Commerce Growth

According to an inquiry by the National Institute of Statistics (INS), trade company managers estimate an August-October moderate growth in commerce, stability for the industry, construction and service … [Read more...]

Logan Will Have Rival From Ford

The US giant Ford will make a small automobile for emerging markets, the low-cost variant of its models Ka and Figo. First, the car will be available in India and Brazil, starting 2014. Brazilian auto … [Read more...]

Nokia Developer Network Hacked

BBC News informs that an online community used by developers of Nokia phone applications has been hacked. The company warned that members' personal information, including dates of birth and email addresses … [Read more...]

Transalpina, The Highest Road In Romania

The Transfagarasan road has a serious competitor: Transalpina. Transalpina is a road crossing the mountains from Oltenia to Transylvania, in incredible scenery. The road is almost ready and hundreds of … [Read more...]

PM Emil Boc: Public Sector Workers Drop To 1.225 Million

Prime Minister Emil Boc told Radio Romania Actualitati (News) public station that at this moment, the number of the Romanian public sector workers has dropped to 1.225 million. President Traian Basescu … [Read more...]

Romanian Bus Rivals Mercedes Being Cheaper And With Air Conditioning

Last year, the Roman factory of Brasov started manufacturing a new model of city bus expected to win many contracts with municipalities from all over the country. The main target is Bucharest. The first … [Read more...]

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