September 21, 2018

Buena Vista Social Club Concert With Omara Portuondo At The Herastrau Summer Theatre

On Saturday, starting 7pm, at the Herastrau Summer Theatre the Cuban music legend Omara Portuondo will play accompanied by the Buena Vista Social Club Orchestra. The artist will be appearing within the … [Read more...]

SUV By Ford To Be Built In Craiova

The Ford Company is working to build a SUV based on the Fiesta platform. The vehicle is to be built in Craiova, alongside the B-Max. The new small-sized SUV will be shown to the world for the first time … [Read more...]

The Price For The Transylvania Highway Went Down To Half

According to Mediafax, the construction price of the Brasov-Bors highway has fallen from EUR 20 M per kilometer to less than half, after the negotiations that took place between the Romanian authorities … [Read more...]

France Warned On Budget Deficit Targets – IMF

France received a warning from the IMF that it will have to carry out more spending cuts to ensure it reaches its deficit reduction commitments amid lower-than-expected growth expectations. France has … [Read more...]

Ciena And Felix Telecom Come With 100 Gigabit Ethernet Into Eastern Europe

The Ciena Corporation network specialist recently announced that the Romanian Educational Network (RoEduNet) chose Ciena's high-capacity coherent optical technology for the first live 100 Gigabit Ethernet … [Read more...]

Bucharest Gets 29th Out Of The Most Business Friendly 30 Cities Worldwide

CRBE put together something called “The Business Footprints”, which compares the office presence of 280 major companies across 101 countries and 232 cities, 17 of the top 30 most popular company office … [Read more...]

Sorin Oprescu Against Creating A New District In Downtown Bucharest

On Wednesday, the Bucharest Mayor Sorin Oprescu said that he does not support the idea of creating a new district (the 7th) in the center of the Capital. The reason is because this might be followed by … [Read more...]

Romania Would Have To Pay 211 Million Euros For A Nationwide Electrification

Marian Geanta, development manager of state-owned electricity distributor Electrica said on Thursday that Romania would need to invest some EUR211 million to connect some 60,600 unconnected households … [Read more...]

EC Report: Best Farming Year For Romania In Last Five Years

The MARS Bulletin drafted by the European Commission's Joint Research Centre says that Romania is having a good farming year, as its yield per hectare is above the average in the last five years for most … [Read more...]

I Am Asking You To Vote On This III

(Note To Regular Readers:  I would like to know if you prefer this abbreviated style of writing to what, customarily, appears in this blog.  I would appreciate it if you would log your opinion in the … [Read more...]

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