September 25, 2018

Irina Bokova, UNESCO Director-General Agrees With Setting Up UNESCO Commission In Romania’s Parliament

On Wednesday, during a meeting with leading representatives of the Chamber of Deputies and parliamentarians on the standing commissions, Irina Bokova, the UNESCO Director-General, emphasized the fact that … [Read more...]

President Traian Basescu Summoned To Appear In Court After He Sued Opposition MP

Yesterday, a Bucharest court summoned President Traian Basescu to appear in court on May 18. The case is the one in which the head of state sued opposition social democrat MP Mugurel Surupaceanu who accused … [Read more...]

I Just don’t Know What To Say

When I started this blog, oh so many pieces of my heart ago, I began in a ranting, howling at the moon type vein, screeching out at the injustices of the political and financial shenanigans playing out … [Read more...]

Naive Painting And Icons Exhibition In Bucharest

Between April 27 and May 12, 2011, the “Tinerimea Romana” Art Centre in Bucharest will host the naïve painting and icons exhibition. According to the organizers- the National Centre for the Preservation … [Read more...]

Emil Boc: New Labor Code To Counteract Undeclared Labor

Romanian Prime Minister Emil Boc, who is also interim Labour Minister, declared he would sign the methodological norms for the application of the day laborer law, which should come into force starting … [Read more...]

IMF: By 2016, China’s Economy Is To Surpass That Of The US

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has predicted that the Chinese economy will surpass that of the US by 2016. The fund’s forecast is based on “purchasing power parities” and says China’s gross … [Read more...]

Kronospan Wants 300 Million Euros Turnover In 2011

Austrian Kronospan group is one of the biggest players on the wood processing market. For 2011 the company has budgeted 290m euros in turnover, up around 10% against 2010. Oana Bodea, Kronospan representative … [Read more...]

Money Being Brought From Abroad

The amount of non-residents' medium and long-term deposits hit a new all-time peak in February, of 8.4bn Euros. This is in fact reflecting funding raised by domestic banks from shareholders. At the end … [Read more...]

OMV Wants More Than Petrom’s 9.84%

Austrian energy group OMV AG will let go by an opportunity to bolster its majority stake in OMV Petrom SNPP.BX. The company is saying that it was content with the level of control it has over Romania's … [Read more...]

IMF Expert Team In Bucharest

On April 26, an IMF expert team headed by Jeffrey Franks arrived in Bucharest for the first review of the precautionary stand-by agreement with Romania, which was approved on March 25. The visitors will … [Read more...]

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