September 20, 2018

The Florin Piersic Movie Theatre

Florin Piersic Cinema from Cluj in the night

On Wednesday night, January the 26th, the well known Romanian actor Florin Piersic inaugurated a movie theatre in Cluj. The theatre has been named after the great actor whom just turned 75 last year.  … [Read more...]

In Tunisia, history repeats (sort of)

Tunisia today has similarities with Romania in 1989 that ought to guide U.S. foreign policy The similarities are eerie Each country was governed for 21/2 decades by an autocrat. In both countries, … [Read more...]

ANAF: Increase In Petrol Price – Unjustified

During 2010, the price of automobile fuels at the pump rose on ungrounded basis, without it being caused by stock market oil quotations, currency exchange rate or state-levied taxes. Also, nearly all the … [Read more...]

Okay, So Here We Are…

My dad had this saying he would always use whenever his rheumatism or some other aches would act up:  “Getting old is not for sissies.”  And I think from the first or second time I heard him complain … [Read more...]

Remarks of President Barack Obama In State Of The Union Address

On Tuesday, the US President Barack Obama addressed the State of the Union. This address is likely to ignite a clash with Republicans over the federal deficit and the pace of budget cuts. Barack Obama … [Read more...]

Chamber Music For Wooden Churches

The National Military Circle, Pro Patrimonio Foundation, the Order of the Romanian Architects and SoNoRo Festival have the pleasure to invite you to the opening concert of the fundraising initiative Friday, … [Read more...]

Facebook To Release Two Dedicated Brand Smartphones

A report in UK based business newspaper City AM, shows that next month Facebook will show off two dedicated Facebook smartphones. The launch of the two models will be at the Mobile World Congress event … [Read more...]

Last Year, Trains Were Five Years Late

Last year, the trains had delays of over five years. In train stations all over Romania almost no train arrived at the scheduled hour. Most of the delays were on the routes on which most people travel: … [Read more...]

An 8% Salary Raise By Austrian And German Companies In 2011

The results of a survey conducted by Austrian executive search company Kienbaum in April-August 2010 show that over 1,000 German and Austrian-held companies present on the Romanian market said they would … [Read more...]

Only One In Six Cars Were Sold By A Romanian Last Year

The last Romanians to hold companies with several tens or hundreds of millions of euros in turnover on the Romanian auto market are Ion Ţiriac, Gheorghe Dolofan and Michael Schmidt. Last years' business … [Read more...]

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