September 21, 2018

Zucchero comes back in June. Bucharest, Arenele Romane.

One of the best-selling Italian artists, Zucchero returns for the fourth time to Romania. His concert will be held on June 21, at the Arenele Romane in Bucharest. This concert is a small part of the Zucchero … [Read more...]

Romanian businesses moving to Bulgaria

An increasing number of Romanian entrepreneurs are moving their businesses south, to the Bulgarian town of Ruse, where Romanian lawyers are already waiting to help them list their companies with the Commerce … [Read more...]

Transport Ministers Managed To Spend 1% Of EU Funds

The European Union allocated 4.57 billion euros to Romania between 2007 and 2013 for infrastructure. The Transportation Ministry had attracted as little as 47 million euros until December 2010 - i.e. 1% … [Read more...]

eMag and Pcfun: 2011 – The Year Of PC Tablets

Almost 20,000 Romanians have an e-reader and a tablet PC.  Over the next few years, the market will explode along with the development of the content offer (books, applications) and of mobile Internet … [Read more...]

Vegetable Oil Price – 7 Lei / Liter

The head of the Food Industry Unions' Federation, Dragos Frumosu declared that, in March or April, vegetable oil prices might increase by about 30%. The motive is the shortage in raw materials on national … [Read more...]

Alfredo Mantica, Italian State Secretary: Italy Backs Romania’s Schengen Entry

Senator Alfredo Mantica, State Secretary at the Italian Foreign Ministry, said Italy unconditionally backs Romania's Schengen Area entry. Given that Bucharest has met all the technical requirements in … [Read more...]

The European Association Of Public Banks Welcomes EximBank To The Club

A release from EximBank reads that the bank has become a member of the European Association of Public Banks (EAPB). The bank’s president, Ionut Costea, believes that through this partnership, EximBank … [Read more...]

Business and Politics Cocktail

Romanian politics is largely funded by politicians and people who want something from them and are willing to pay. In the last two years, a heavy-equipment repair firm in southwestern Romania, UMR SA … [Read more...]

Budget Deficit In 2010, Below IMF Agreed Target

In 2010, the budget deficit stood at RON 33.3 bln or 6.5 % of GDP. According to the Ministry of Finance, that is below the RON 34.6 bln deficit target set as the budgetary policy’s goal. This was included … [Read more...]

Environment Problems In The Danube Delta Might Get Bucharest A Law Suit

Romania has only two months to deal with the environment problems existing in the Danube Delta and the Sulina area. If problems are not taken care of, the European Commission will sue the state at the … [Read more...]

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